Let’s Create a More Secure Future

There is without a doubt a continued threat growing within the mobile device ecosystem. Thanks to the rise in popularity of the smart phone which continues to replace the archaic mobile platforms, we are beginning to see the exposure of vulnerabilities nearly every single day that passes. Everything from the recent revelation that even GMAIL suffers from one of the most obscene security vulnerabilities to the fact that even a Whatsapp spy free download hack tool can be easily distributed, it is without a doubt a threat which only continues to grow more concerning and apparent. We have to do something about this.

What can we do as consumers? We must push for a change among developers and designers alike. First and foremost must be the importance of having pre-loaded software included on mobile devices; nearly every modern computer is coming installed with at least some sort of anti-viral software so why are our phones lacking this? A smart phone is nothing short of a personal, pocket sized computer that just so happens to be able to make and receive calls. It is for all intents and purposes nothing but a computer that fits in the palm of our hand but we do not treat it as such.

Second, we should begin developing more accessible encryption tools. Many of the current hacks that we have seen making the news, like those of recent celebrities having their photos leaked online, stem from the fact that cloud computing is increasingly vulnerable. The idea that we have this sensitive data simply floating out on a cloud’s ecosystem without it being encrypted or behind multiple layers of security and verification setups is absolutely absurd. Yes, all of this may take time to implement but we will be better off for it by living in a more secure age.

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Taking Control of Your Content

If you’re hoping to buy Soundcloud comments cheap, then you’ve definitely come to the right blog. While I might not be selling them myself I am certainly a supporter of services that offer you a way to buy comments for Soundcloud, Twitter, Facebook and even Instagram. This has caused some disagreement amongst my friends and I due to the rather ‘shady’ nature of buying comments, likes or views but as someone who has been using the Internet for several years now, I know how easy it is for some great content to disappear under the sheer amount of pre-existing content that is currently on the web.

Also, as an artist I know how much effort goes into the things that I create. In some cases, the things that I create are picked up on without much marketing and while that is great and all, it’s not always going to happen. Depending on a random streak of luck is the worst thing that an artist can do if they are hoping to make a living off of their art. You can’t depend solely on your creations being stumbled onto by pure chase or happenstance. You’ve got to make it happen and that means taking control.

Taking control can mean several things. It can mean that you are buying comments in order to bring attention to your creation. It can mean making multiple social media profiles in order to push the content out as much as you can. It might mean that you are selling it for cheap. Whatever the case is, you’re wholly responsible for the presence of your content on the web and how much of that content is going to be seen by users of the Internet. Build communities that are focused on the genre of your works if you have to!

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