Our Party Last Christmas Was a Hit with Everyone Who Attended

We purchased our very first home around 12 months ago. We have been married for five years, and we have always talked about having dinner parties and other events so that we could have our family and friends over. My husband is a fantastic cook, and all our friends rave about his cooking. We have looked forward to the new house, showing off his cooking skills on a bigger scale and simply enjoying good times. We hoped one day to have a big Christmas party and send out Christmas party invitations to everyone.

We started off small with a few dinner parties here and there because we needed to spend more time decorating our home for larger-scale events. We spent a lot of time painting, renovating and buying new furniture. We finally finished in October, so we planned to have a big party for Christmas as our first big event.

One of the first things I did was to order the invitations so that I could get them mailed out early enough to alert everyone of the party by the beginning of November at the latest. I chose a website that could personalize them for me. They were very inexpensive and beautiful. We chose invitations with a black background, bright colors and metallic gold on them. These colors matched much of the decor in our home, and the black and gold added an elegant feel to the invites. We were then able to purchase matching party accessories that matched them.

We invited over 50 people, and 45 of them replied with RSVP cards to let us know they would be coming. We took some time to put together a fabulous meal for the party along with many appetizers and drinks, too. We bought the biggest, live tree we could find for the big day and had a blast decorating it. The party was a success, and many people asked if we would do it again the next year.

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