So What Sort of Laptop Should I Get?

I am not thinking about a specific brand of laptop, in fact I am guessing that there is not a lot of difference in the quality of the products that you can buy. There is a lot of variation in the performance characteristics and price predictions for Cyber Monday laptop deals 2014. You can pay whatever you want to pay for a laptop, but you can not be too casual about what you get. For example if you are going to be taking the laptop with you every place you go, then the weight and the dimensions of it are important. For me a big factor is the fact that I have real problems on anything smaller than a full scale keyboard. I am not a speed typist to start with and I have big clumsy fingers. So I need to get a full sized laptop. I have tried to use the ones with small keyboards and it is a real disaster for me.

At any rate what I think I need is more what they call a desk top replacement. That means that you mainly leave it sitting in one place, but you can move it around when you want to. Of course I move my laptop around all of the time, but that means that I am using it in the Lazy Boy or while I am laying in bed. I rarely take it out on the road with me, not since I got a tablet computer and I have one of those really big smart phones too. It is a very nice device and in fact I can use it to do most of the stuff that I used to use a laptop to do and with the tablet, that sort of took it’s place for the whole job.

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